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UK Water Charity, FRANK Water was founded in 2005 by award-winning social entrepreneur Katie Alcott after she became seriously ill from drinking dirty water. It soon became clear that for most of the people she was working with in India, that waterborne illness was a way of life.

She pledged then to do something about the problem if she ever could. And in 2005, FRANK Water was born.

With support and advice from Tarka Springs, Katie sold her first pallet of FRANK bottled water to bars, cafes and restaurants in and around Bristol. She used the profits to fund FRANK Water’s first safe water project in India. Since then, FRANK Water has reached more than 360,000 people in 386 communities with safe water and sanitation.

FRANK Water works with marginalised and often remote communities in India to help them develop their own answers to securing safe, clean drinking water, decent sanitation and good hygiene.

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